Newspapers indicate that 10 people at the British Columbia Securities Commission recieved a total of just over $620,000 in bonuses so they would not quit working there….

For those of you that didn’t – how does this make you feel?    Brenda Leong – who is already in the Top 3 paid BC government employees in the province received over $140,000 on top of her wage of nearly $500,000.    How does that make you feel?

How can you people sit there in your shitty little cubicles and know that your fellow comrades are getting this extra cash and you have nothing?

I suggest you walk down the hallway and challenge Brenda Leong, Nigel Cave, Doug Muir, etc. to donate this money to a charity – or even back to some initiative that would help you people in your own office.  Extra training? Or maybe some love for your hard work?   Divide that $620,000 up by roughly 200 of you and you would each get approximatley $3100 each – doesn’t that sound fantastic right around Christmas time?   Wouldn’t that be nice to take your family on a trip?   Its unclear whether this photo of Nigel Cave was taken after he received his stripend but doesn’t he look happy?…

The jury is out on Muir – rumour has it he looks like this all the time…

For those of you that dont have the guts to say something to them – you are part of the problem with the BCSC and why you truly have no job security.  You are all being taken for a ride!!   Go ask for your $3,100 or quit – that’s what they were alleged to have going to do!     Except you Olubode Fagbamiye – you just sit there anyway and probably really don’t deserve any of this free money!

Have a great day!

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