Just when you think the lowest of the staff at the British Columbia Securities Commission – they always seem to sink a little lower!   In a scathing article in the November 5, 2018 edition of the Vancouver Sun we now find that certain senior management at the BCSC have recieved bonuses for not quitting!!   And at the top of the list is none other than BCSC Chair Brenda Leong who has failed the people of BC over and over again!   She was paid over $139,000 (on top of her base salary of $434,748 and expenses of $50,000).  This equates to a 32% bonus – for not quitting!   Why would she quit?  She has been paid millions of dollars over her so-called career at the BCSC.

 Brenda Leong

This is the same person that has allowed hundreds of millions of dollars go uncollected by her incompetant staff and is already in the Top 3 highest paid government workers in the Province of BC.

The article goes on to state, “Vice-chair Nigel Cave received a bonus of $104,640 on a salary of $327,000. Other retention bonuses ranged from 22 to 28 per cent, including for director of corporate finance John Hinze, director of enforcement Doug Muir, director of capital markets and regulation Mark Wang, and chief economist Christina Wolf.”





Nigel Cave (Facebook Photo)


And to top it all off – when reached by the reporter that wrote the article, staff had nothing to say….

How is this even possible?    Look no further than the epitome of a Scumbag politian – FORMER Finance Minister Mike DeJong who we have  written about in the past!    That being said, Mr De Jong doesn’t remember if he was the one that approved it.    Geez Mikey Boy, maybe this is the reason you were voted out – you don’t remember spending over $600,000 on something like this?    What a joke!     The BC Government – the gift that just keeps giving to everyone but the good people in this Province!

  Mike DeJong


And finally – a message directly to Brenda Leong!     I hereby challenge you to donate the bonus money you received to a charity of your choice!!  And hopefully others (like you Nigel Cave) will follow suit and do the same!  Or is this what it is all about to you – just the money???   Fucking scumbags! 


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