Staff had the onus to bring valid, compelling evidence before the Panel. Wharram (who has no legal training) had Investigator Elizabeth Chan admit that she assumed vital details that caused the Executive Director to issue portion of the Notice of Hearing against Wharram…

Yet the same Panel ruled the Executive Director proved “on the Balance of Probabilities” that the allegations were accurate.    How is the compelling evidence?

The following attachment are part of the written Submissions on Liability the Respondents wrote in defense of this portion of the allegations.

Click on the link… Chan Assumes


  1. I’m so sorry for us all, Rod. It was more than heart breaking for you, I’m sure. Assumptions are dreadful things….especially in fact finding cases.


    1. That’s awesome!! More verbal BS from the keyboard tough guy!! Let’s look at the math – out of the $9.3 million raised, the Executive Director supposedly proved $517,500 was found to have been fraudulently misplaced – that’s 5.5% on the dollar. You invested $48,000 so you want $2,640 back from me that I stole? Really? Facts are all but $112,500 was paid back into the Respondents bank accounts – that works out to be 1.2% or $576 in your case! And that’s not even taking into consideration the monies I put into the company to begin with! With that number in the mix the $112,500 even disappears!

      Jesus Brian, wake up! All your negative BS for 2,640? Or the real number of $576?? Here’s a little hint for you – if the Commission would have even entertained the Settlement proposal arranged, you could have got far MORE than $2640 back!

      Keep your names coming though! I hope it makes you feel like a real champ! At least you have moved on from the innuendo gay comments for the time being – or so it seems!

  3. I believe Mr Rod Wharram had everything in place to pay his investors back a good portion if not all of their investment back had the Securities Commission allowed him to continue with the completion and sale of of the Deercrest Townhomes. He had everything in place to proceed until the Commission stopped him.

    1. Gerry,

      I thank you for the sentiments in your 2 messages on this site. I will add that even after the BCSC brought forward their biased allegations and stopped me from developing the Deercrest property -they still were presented a Settlement Offer that would have seen ALL the investors still participate in the project with NO involvement from me. The only replied I received from the Staff at the BCSC is that they would look at the Settlement Offer only if I admitted all wrongdoing WITHOUT a hearing and paid over $5.8 million in fines and disgorgement. This alone appears to be a breach of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. This is not right and proved the Commission has a complete, hidden agenda and DO NOT take the best interest of the investors they are sworn to protect.

      I still encourage ALL investors in FCC and DCF to call/write/email/fax the BCSC and ask them the 5 questions outlined in this blog. For the record, some have already done contacted them and the BCSC is going to need to answer these questions…they have to, it is the right of every citizen to get answers from government appointed agencies. They can’t continue to keep their head in the sand!

      And for those that do not know who Gerry S. is – he invested a large sum of money in the FCC project and then was asked (BY THE BCSC) to appear at the hearing – a good portion of his testimony actually assisted my defense but the Panel (headed by Panel Chair Nigel Cave) still found Staff’s allegation proven. I guess this is what one could expect when there is the judge, jury and executioner all working in the same office. These people then turn around an hide behind the BC Securities Act and are immune to any prosecution providing they acted in good faith. Do you think not even having the Executive Director (the only person that could accept the Settlement Offer) look at the Settlement Offer would be acting in good faith? Me neither!

      Again people – contact them and asked them why! Be sure to document the phone call/email and find out exactly who you are talking to.

      Thank you!

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