Because we were NOT getting replies to our letters from BCSC Chair Brenda Leong, Premier Christy Clark or Finance Minister Michael De jong’s offices – we decided to write to the Leader of the Opposition (Mr. John Horgan) hoping that he would have the courage to get the answers we were looking for.    Horgan is the leader of the British Columbia New Democratic Party and an MLA for the constituency of Juan de Fuca.

We thought as Leader of the Opposition, he would be more than willing to assist in getting us answers from the BC Liberal Party – after all, is this not one of the roles the Leader of the Opposition would be in charge of?   Our letter can be found here:

Letter to John Horgan – July 4, 2016 – REDACTED

But, unfortunately, Horgan looks like he would rather keep his “head in the sand” and not get involved in representing the people of BC in matters they incur with the BC Liberals and the BCSC.    I do know he has received the 3 emails I have sent to him as we do receive Auto Replies to our emails indicating they have received our emails:

EMAIL Replies from Horgan Office

Looking at his Facebook page, we can see that since June 27, 2016 (the last 2 weeks) he has shown public support for:

  1. First Nations
  2. The Pride Movement / Transgender Rights
  3. BC Housing Prices
  4. The Muslim Community
  5. Supported the Williams Lake Stampede Parade

Why is there no support for the hundreds of people affected by the Staff at the BCSC not doing their jobs properly?   Why not even a simple reply telling us you would look into it?

Is Mr. Horgan just another “all talk politician with no bite?”  We are beginning to think so.   After looking at Alberta’s recent crash (blamed by most as the fault of Premier Notley)  remind me again why any one would vote NDP in the upcoming election?