Mr. Martinsen,

As I stated in the original post in this blog, I fully understand that some people are going to have negative opinions towards me and that is fine – I respect their opinions and can/and will live with that.

Now, I have dealt with your outright silly phone calls (you know the one where you wished I was raped in prison), I have dealt with your emails (see below) where you hope I am broke and get visited by Bubu, you have shown up at the Falls Golf course unannounced and were very rude to their staff when they told you I did not work there, and we have recently received posts to this blog where you now call me a loser and issue a VERY slanderous opinion on the matter we faced with the BCSC.

When I look back at the history of negativity you have exhibited towards me I cannot help but determine it started after a series of phone calls in 2011 and 2012.   I remember having very distinct conversations with you regarding Deercrest and you telling me you came from a construction back ground.   You told me (in lieu of getting your money back) you would take a unfinished Deercrest unit, finish it, and then sell it.   I explained to you many things would prevent this from happening including New Home Warranty issues and the fact that Primex Investments had a blanket mortgage on all of the units and would not discharge a small portion of their loan.

Also, and more importantly, I told you I was not able to do that because I could not show “favoritism” to one investor over another.    You didn’t like my answers and by the summer of 2013 your inappropriate phone calls began to my cellular phone line.

In March 2015, you and I had what I thought was a very candid conversation – I explained to you several things including the key things that were uncovered during the hearing and other current, legal ways I was looking at having the former investors participate in the Deercrest project.    I ended the phone call by asking you if you had any questions and that I would be happy to answer them for you.   You stated you just wanted you money back – and that was it.  I told you I understood that and that I wanted my money lost in the project back as well.

A short while later, I followed our phone call up with an email in an attempt to recap our conversation and to thank you for taking my call.    I also (explained in writing) the frustration I incurred with the BCSC trying to get the Settlement Agreement in their hands.   I sent you this email because I thought it was important to recapped our conversation and to have it for my records.   And for you to try to understand there was definitely two sides to this story.

A few weeks later (and for no apparent reason) you sent me a reply to my email where you hoped I was broke, that I lost my house and that you wanted me to say hello to Bubu…which again I believe  relates to some sort of a weird sexual reference you seem to be obsessed with for whatever reason.  If you deleted the email or can’t remember what you said, please find it here:

Martinsen email – June 18, 2015

Brian, I know you know how to use a phone, a computer, and certainly know how to speak.   Instead of directing all your energy towards something that will literally take you no where  – why don’t you call the BCSC and ask them why they did not even look at the Settlement Offer I presented to them in 2013.   And when they blow you off and refuse to answer your questions – call back again and get someone higher up to answer your questions.    Your questions are important and their answers are part of the reason you are not currently receiving funds out of the very successful Deercrest property.  The 12 units are fully completed and occupied as of approximately March of 2016.   The owners of the property (Kerkhoff and Primex) are now going to continue building the balance of the units.

The number of the BCSC  is 604-899-6500 or you can email them at .

You as an investor in the Province of British Columbia are entitled to answers from the people down at the BCSC- they are the ones that were to protect you and earn your confidence during all times you were part of the FCC and/or DCF investments.

I encourage you to ask them:

  1.   Did the Respondents (RW, WKL, FCC, and DCF) send a Settlement Proposal to the BCSC on November 7, 2013?
  2.   Did the Settlement Proposal allow for participation (as shareholders) for all investors in FCC and DCF?
  3. Why did it take Staff Litigators 7 weeks to respond to such a time-sensitive email?
  4. If the BCSC’s Mission if to “protect the public interest by fostering  a securities market that is fair and warrants public confidence  is to look”  – then why would you not a least explore the opportunity the Respondents placed before you?
  5. Why did you Staff Litigators not even show the ONLY person that could have accepted the Settlement Proposal (the Executive Director)?

Brian, I understand your frustration and certainly understand that losing hard earned money is something that is not good for anyone.   I don’t blame you for being angry – from what I can see you had frequent contact with Liz Chan (and others at the Commission) and I can only imagine what you were told.

You were told to read the press release where the BCSC hides behind words like “alleged” and “unproven” yet convicts people in the public domain.   They filled your head with all the allegations and immediately afterwards got you to fill out an Investor Impact Statement.     You became enraged and decided (before I got a day in court) that I was guilty.

You were told the Respondents did not advance the majority of the funds raised to the Developer but you were NOT told that Staff relied on a very simple grade 2 math calculation that was not in context with what the Offering Memorandum(s) dictated.   It was only after the hearing that Staff realized they did not have enough information to prove their case – they then manipulated a very significant portion of the OM to suite their theory – again in an attempt to make me look like I absconded with $5.45 million dollars in investor funds.   THIS IS NOT TRUE!

I am going to continue to tell the truth – it is people like you that motivates me to bring the truth to the forefront.   And just maybe one day you will realize focusing all your anger towards me and calling me immature names will NEVER get your money back.   And quite frankly is a huge waste of your energy!

For the record, I wish you the best and wish things were different with respect to your investment in my company.


P.S.      And Brian, yes I did lose my house and many of the other material things I had gathered over the years – and yes, I am currently financially ruined.   I have lost a very key relationship with someone I would literally die for and a friendship with a person I truly admired.   But, the actions of the BCSC and their pathetic attempt to brand me something I am not will NEVER define me as I will not let it – I just don’t keep score that way.








    1. Still don’t care what you think of me….as it is none of my business! *wink And by the way – asshole only has two of the letters “s”. Have a great day!

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