On October 18, 2016, we sent a Freedom of Information (“FOI”) request to the BCSC in an attempt to determine the employment status of the former BCSC Investigator Elizabeth “Liz” Chan (“Chan”).   You can see in a previous post in this blog, we were uncertain of her employment status at that time.


We have since determined that Ms Chan left the BCSC in April 2014 and went to work at the offices of the Chartered Professional Accountants of BC.    She left there in August of 2015 and her currently employment status is unknown.

As you can see above, the FOI request asked a VERY simple question – whether Chan still worked at the commission, and if she did not, we asked when her employment ended.   That’s it!

We waited the standard 30 business days for a reply from the FOI division at the BCSC – on November 29, 2016, we we received the following email from a Mr. Alan Keats (Associate General Counsel at the BCSC).   As you can see it appears Mr. Keats wants to kick the can down the road a little further before he will answer simple questions that does not endanger the third party – the flunky investigator Ms Elizabeth Chan. 


Another 30 days before they will answer something as simple as to whether an employee still works at the Commission?  Really?   My goodness, these people can’t be for real.  Talk about lawyers really putting in extra billing justify their wages.     As you can see by our response – we are on to Mr Keats game and have called him out in no uncertain terms.

letter-to-keats-november-30-2016Just in recent weeks we have the following:

BCSC Chair Brenda Leong – will not respond to emails and request for information.

BCSC Litigator Olubode Fagbamiye – will not respond to questions over the phone.  Said to send written correspondence.

BCSC Associate General Counsel Alan Keats – will not answer simple FOI request in a timely fashion.

Does anyone see a pattern here?   It appears to many that the BCSC (and their staff) are hiding from any confrontation that will see any bit of truth come to fruition.   They don’t want you to know the truth – as one would think MANY of them would be standing in the unemployment line.

We are not going anywhere – the numbers are up on our blog as we now have 100’s of people per day viewing our blog.   We have former investors that have contacted the BCSC and have received comments back from Staff.  Once again, we see a failure in ANY questions being answered with regards to events at the Commission that have contributed in many investors losing an opportunity to recoup some of their investment back.


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