The low-life Scumbags at the British Columbia Securities Commission have got it all figured out in terms of how they are finally going to boost their ability to collect on the half a billion dollars in fines they have issued over the last decade or so.

According to an article in the Vancouver Sun,  they are going to bring in an estimated $7.6 million by increasing their fees!   These are fees that financial advisors pay to be able to apply their trade in the province.    Ultimately, these fees will in turn be paid by the general public or anyone that participates in the securities market in the Province.


The pond scum bringing these increased fees to the forefront are the usual players and they can’t even answer simple questions regarding their plan – BCSC Executive Director Peter Brady indicated to the Sun reporter that he did not have an exact number but a “significant portion” of these new funds will be earmarked to fight white-collar crime.    This sounds about right – raise $7.6 million and have no idea how much is going to used for collection activities?   How can they not tell us what their plan is and specifically how much of these funds are being allocated to the reason they are being raised?   These people are useless!  And it sounds to me like they just want to line their pockets….AGAIN!! Time for more bonuses we wonder?

Just maybe the good people of the Province of British Columbia would not have to pay increased fees if Staff at the BCSC would simply do their jobs and stop raiding the BCSC bank accounts to pay themselves ridiculous bonuses.    Click here to read that story!

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