Many of you have recently asked how I (with NO legal assistance) was able to have the majority – some 94% of the allegations against me dismissed by the Panel.    You have to remember that during the hearing I was by myself with no help whatsoever.   Staff for the Commission had two lawyers, an assistant, a law library, RCMP officers, Court Ordered Summons, and other Staff members (that lurked in the gallery) for the time leading up to the hearing, during the hearing, and after the hearing – all to strengthen their case.  In addition, the hearing days would go to roughly 4 PM daily and I had to face rush hour traffic on the 90-120 minute drive home every day.   The hearing lasted 7 days from April 7 – 16, 2014.

For those that do not know the standard procedure – at the conclusion of the oral hearing the Panel instructed both parties to submit Written Submission on Liability with the Executive Director releasing their’s first, then ours, then the Executive Director has an opportunity to reply to our submissions.

On May 16, 2014, the Executive Director via their Staff Litigators issued their Submissions on Liability – again this was a summary of their case against me and I was to defend myself against whatever was in this document.   This is the same document at PARAGRAPH #10 that we allege that Staff (C. Paige Leggat and Olubode Fagbamiye) manipulated evidence in an attempt to persuade the reader into believing their theory of the allegations against us.    Their document is here:

Executive Director’s Submissions on Liability-2014-05-16

Now. for the first time, I am going to release the Respondent’s Submissions on Liability document that I wrote after the hearing to fight my side of the matter and to fight against the bullshit story the Executive Director desperately tried to prove.   It is our opinion that our writing this document (and exposing the bogus attempts by Staff) that allowed the BCSC Panel to dismiss the $5.45 million fraud they tried to pin on us.    Our document is here:

FINAL – July 6, 2014 – Submissions on Liability

Understanding that it is a long read, we encourage you to read it a couple of times – again this document was completed with NO legal assistance and completely blew the Staff’s $5.45 million fraud allegation out of the water!   Even though the damage was done via their slanderous press release that caused the Vancouver Province to run with the headline, “INVESTORS MILLIONS EVAPORATE” – despite that being the farthest thing from the truth.

People have asked me how I was able to have the most significant allegations against me thrown out by the Panel – my answer is always the same – “I told the truth and exposed (in our opinion) an attempt by Staff at the Commission to deceive the Panel by manipulating the evidence to suit a theory that was NOT correct.”

Thank you for your support!  You know who you are!


    1. Margo, thank you for your message. We are never going to stop until we get answers from these people. I am certainly not saying I was perfect in running my businesses but the BCSC had the ability as well as the obligation to do what was right for the investors. They did not have the best interest of the investors at heart when they made their decision to not even advance the Settlement Offer to the only person that could have accepted it. Thanks again for your support!

    2. I have wondered for several years how everything involved came off the rails so quickly and we, the investors, had so little chance or knowledge as to how we could fix it.
      I appreciate Rod’s efforts to clear his name and yes, some money returned would be nice.

      1. Thanks Chuck – the BCSC has a mandate that says its there to protect investors in the BC market. In that I placed a Settlement Offer in their laps that would have seen the investors participate in the Deercrest project with NO involvement from me – and the lawyers that I gave the Settlement Offer to said they would not take it to their superiors unless I pleaded guilty to all allegations and paid a fine/restitution of over $5.8 million dollars borders on extortion. The investors were to be given 35% of the project that is now worth millions of dollars.

        This was a terrible decision by the Staff Litigators (Olubode Fagbamiye and C. Paige Leggat). And they should be held accountable for this blunder. For many months now I have asked them to explain this decision and they have not responded or have literally hung up on me when i have called. (See other posting in this blog for proof)

        Again, I thank you for the support!


  1. In reponse to Margo Jensens comment it sure did hurt a lot of people & really put me into a delima….rather leaves a bad taste.
    Sure would be nice to re capture some of our money at least as promised by my investor.

    1. I agree 100% Irene – that being said, there is a big difference between doing a proper investigation to find factual numbers than cherry-picking certain numbers and coming into a hearing room with a big $5.45 million fraud allegation that was NOT true. And they also completely ignored my Settlement Offer that would have seen the investors (you) participate in the project with NO involvement from me. The project is flourishing right now as Chilliwack’s real estate market continues to soar.

      It is our allegation that the BCSC made fundamental mistakes that too caused the loss to the investors. And we feel there should (at least) be an investigation into THEIR actions as well. I have said all along, I was NOT perfect but I did not do what they accused me of, including lying to an investigator and committing a $5.45 million fraud.

      Thanks for your reply.


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