Crooked Christy Clark continues to get negative comments from major new outlets regarding her “PAY TO PLAY”functions – this time from Canada’s Globe and Mail.

In the article it states, “While these “pay-to-play” events have been denounced across the country, Ms. Clark has been steadfast in her support of them. And why wouldn’t she? Her party benefits enormously from the current rules. Last year alone, the Liberals took in more than $12-million in donations, with the vast majority coming from corporations and the rich.”

It truly is sad that people of this Province are not doing something about this – she has lost at virtually every level – take the latest BC Hydro fiasco out lined in this article.

Okay, let’s get this straight – B.C. is currently paying millions of dollars to independent power producers to NOT produce power because there’s such an oversupply.  Meantime, BC Hydro is busy building a $9 billion dam while arguing that B.C. needs more power?    Does this make sense to anyone?  Even the biggest Liberal people I know are not agreeing with this!     WAKE UP PEOPLE!

This is also the same government that pays the failing BCSC Chair BRENDA LEONG nearly $500,000 per year to run the BCSC.   Brenda Leong can only be seen as failing at her job when her staff have collected under $200,000 of the nearly $350,000,000 in fines they have ordered over the years.   That only .0004590 cents on the dollar.   If you or I had this little success doing our jobs we would be terminated instantly!

    Brenda Leong



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