It has now been over 5 weeks since we contacted Mr. Fagbamiye by phone (and then by letter) and he continues to hide from answering simple questions that would allow the former investors in both FCC and DCF to hear first hand whether or not staff at the BC Securities Commission acted in bad faith when preparing legal documents in our matter AND whether or not they erred in not taking the Settlement Offer to the Executive Director of the BCSC (whom we were told was the ONLY person at the BCSC that would be able to accept our settlement offer.

Mr. Fagbamiye (as we have seen for weeks now) appears to be a coward and will not answer our questions – despite even telling me to put my questions down on paper and that he would answer them accordingly.    And on Saturday, we tried AGAIN in vain to get Fagbamiye to answer our questions…

Mr. Fagbamiye is hiding something and we need to get to the bottom of it once and for all.   I am calling on all former investors in FCC and DCF to call, write, email, fax, text, etc. Fagbamiye and ask him to answer these questions.

They are going to have to answer them sooner or later – the walls at the BCSC are NOT going to allow them to not answer these questions for much longer.   Our story is getting bigger by the day and as certain politicians that are appearing to aid the staff at the Commission are replaced – those that have acted in bad faith are going to be exposed.

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