A while back one of you contacted me regarding so called “confidential” information you said you knew about regarding my hearing – in your wording you indicated that “Staff at the BCSC acted in bad faith while preparing for our hearing in April 2014.”   And that you (after reading this blog) had information regarding this that you thought I should be made aware of.

First of all – Thank you very much for contacting me – it is nice to see there might just be someone at the BCSC with ethics!

You indicated you would like to meet and discuss things in person and said that you would contact me again – PLEASE do so in the same manner and I promise your confidentiality will remain in tack if that is your wish.    I would very much like to meet with you as per your suggestion.

I look forward to hearing from you ASAP!  Do not let these alleged practices (mentioned in your message) continue at the BCSC!   One could very easily conclude that many people (specifically the FCC and DCF investors) were possibly affected by the actions of certain BCSC Staff members during the relevant time.


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