For 17 months now I have been posting in this blog – some of the posting have been direct and to the point.   I have challenged staff at the BCSC to refute anything they have read, I have reached out and tried to contact staff at the BCSC and challenged them to answer very simple questions.  We have even had some of the former investors contact the BCSC and and the cowards running their offices will not even respect these requests.    We have posted some very unflattering things about BCSC Chair Brenda Leong, Staff Litigators Olubode Fagbamiye and C. Paige Leggat, the complete failures of Lead Investigator Elizabeth “Liz” Chan, and the actions of other BCSC Staff including Colette Colter, Alan Keats, Peter Brady and Paul Bourque.    And yet through it all, they have remained completely silent.  They have not even had there very expensive legal representatives contact me to have me take down this blog…

Why?    Because everything I am saying is accurate and they do NOT want to challenge me in a real courtroom.   They truly are run by a group of misfits that do not have the best interests of investors at heart – despite this being part of their mandate.

We have recently been in contact with another group that was railroaded by the BCSC and their story is even worse than ours – stayed tuned for more!

 BCSC Chair Brenda Leong

Executive Director Paul Bourque (Former)

    C. Paige Leggat

 Elizabeth “Liz” Chan

 Executive Director Peter Brady

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