What can be now be said about the gutlessness that defines former BC Securities Commission lawyer Olubode Fagbamiye?   Those of you that have followed this blog can truly appreciate what this total waste of skin has done in his roughly 6 years at the BCSC.    We firmly believe it was Fagbamiye and his side-kick C. Paige Leggat that manipulated evidence in our case during the hearing.

We can now confirm that this vile piece of garbage has either been terminated or quit his push-over litigation job at the Commission.   As we reported a few weeks ago we sent request under the Freedom of Information act and the BCSC office responded with the following…

What kind of a firm would hire this clown?   And furthermore, how did this flunky get hired by the BCSC to begin with?   Think about it for a moment – he can hardly speak english – his mannerism both in a hearing room and in correspondence is pathetic…and lets not forget this gem.

In closing, we can now confirm that EVERY one of the staff that worked our file have now been terminated or have quit their cozy positions at the BCSC.    Starting with Paul Bourque (then Executive Director), Teresa Mitchell-Banks (then Director of Enforcement), Liz Chan (then Lead Investigator), Paige Leggat (then Lawyer), and now Fagbamiye.  Whats going on down at the BCSC?    One can only speculate that there are reasons for this – maybe the powers-that-be are getting rid of the deadwood and staff that acted in bad faith during their time at the BCSC.    Scumbags – all of them!



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